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What to Eat at Turner Field, Home of the Atlanta Braves

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The end of Braves baseball at Turner Field may be drawing near, but the start of another season is here, and for now, the show goes on. Many of the more upscale dining options the Braves have sought to attract return this year, like Kevin Rathbun's steak sandwiches, which came to the Ted two seasons ago, and Holeman & Finch's burgers in quantities greater than 24. Waffle House is back as well, a mid-season debut last year that just maybe had a hand in a Braves winning streak and division title. New for 2014 are several outposts of Italian ice purveyor Rita's Water Ice; a rebranded Beer Island featuring SweetWater Brewing Company beverages; and a cart selling several flavors of Frozen Pints, the beer-based ice cream available for purchase only by those age 21 and over. In anticipation of opening day, here's a guide to what and where to eat at Turner Field.

* indicates special Eater recommendations

Turner Field's Five Standouts

H&F Burger: Three H&F Burger stands can be found in Turner Field. There is one behind home plate and one each on either side of the Fan Plaza, in left and right field. There will also be 24 branded H&F Burger Outfield Pavilion seats, which come with a guaranteed burger and a "fast pass" to the front of the expected line. Details.

Kevin Rathbun Steak Sandwich: Kevin Rathbun's steak sandwiches made their way to to the stadium last season. Find them in section 205, selling only the $15 sliced sirloin sandwich served with horseradish cream.

Frozen Pints: The Frozen Pint's cart at section 118 offers five flavors of craft beer-based ice cream like Peach Lambic and Malted Milk Chocolate Stout. Beer is the number one ingredient, so only those of legal drinking age can indulge.

Waffle House: The only Waffle House not open around the clock, waffles here come standard or with chocolate chips or peanut butter. Have your hash browns with cheese, onions, chili, and more, just like you might at any other location of Atlanta's iconic greasy spoon.

The Braves Chop House: The Restaurant: This restaurant, covering sections 143-149, has a bigger variety than most of the other options here. Here you can get classic pub fare, pizza, and much more. Recently renovated, the menu now also includes new items like smoked pulled pork nachos and smoked cheddar sausage grinders.

Field Level

All-Star Lineup Sections 119, 137, 140: All-Star Lineup serves standard stadium fare like nachos, boiled peanuts, and hot dogs. They've also got a veggie dog and their kids' meals come with activity books.
Atlanta Grill Section 104: Offering sausages, brats, and the Mexidog.
Batter Up Section 129: Batter Up offers delicious desserts like soft serve, funnel cake, and deep fried oreos.
Chick-fil-A Section 139: We are likely all familiar with Chick-fil-A's menu. Expect their nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and waffle fries.
Cool Southern Cravings Sections 104, 109: Staples like M&Ms, Cracker Jacks, and helmet ice cream.
Dug-Out Diner Section 104: The Dug-Out Diner has some more substantial cuisine, like shrimp po' boys, buffalo tenders, chipotle fries, and more.
*Frozen Pints Section 118: Scoops of ice cream crafted from beer.
*H&F Burger Section 104: Holeman & Finch's famous burger, hand-cut fries, and Coca-Cola classic. That's all you need.
McCann's Burgers Sections 150, 151: Single, double, and triple burgers, always made fresh. Plus sides of fries and onion rings. And milkshakes.
Peachtree Street Pizza Sections 124, 125: They've got a variety of slices. You can also get pistachios and jumbo dogs here.
Rita's Water Ice Section 105: New to Turner Field this year, several flavors of Italian ice made with fresh fruit.
*The Braves Chop House: The Restaurant Sections 143-149: Nice that you can get a salad here if you're watching your figure. There's also black bean burgers, Philly cheese steaks, Murph's Monster Chicken Nachos, pulled pork, pizza, and much more.
Tomahawk Tavern Section 120: A variety of beers, margaritas, and wine. Pick up some peanuts and pistachios while you're here too.
*Waffle House Section 128: Waffles, of course. Chocolate chip and peanut butter versions are also available. And hashbrowns, with onions, peppers, ham, chili, and/or cheese.
Yicketty Yamwich: Section 130: In Grill Cart 130, find a new sandwich named in honor of Chipper Jones. The Yicketty Yamwich has short rib, brie cheese, cheddar cheese, apple butter, and spinach.

Terrace Level

All-Star Lineup Sections 201, 206, 217, 239: They really have these everywhere at Turner. Popcorn, corn dogs, pretzels galore.
American Crepe Section 232: A selection of sweet and savory crepes.
Atlanta Grill Section 218: Offering sausages, brats, and the Mexidog.
Camarena Tequila Bar Section 220: A new offering here at Turner Field. Tequila drinks, obviously. Made with Camarena tequila. Also beer and wine is on offer.
Cool Southern Cravings Section 205: Staples like M&Ms, Cracker Jacks, and helmet ice cream.
*Dantanna's Section 216: The grill cart offers sesame steak skewers and crab cake sandwiches.
Dug-Out Diner Sections 216, 229: Like the one on the field level. Veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, onion rings, etc.
*Kevin Rathbun Steak Sandwich Section 205: $15 sirloin steak sandwiches.
McCann's Burgers Sections 216, 231: Single, double, and triple burgers, always made fresh. Plus sides of fries and onion rings. And milkshakes
Peachtree Street Pizza Sections 223, 224: A variety of pizzas.
Rita's Water Ice Section 233: Just like the one a level below.
Tomahawk Tavern Section 235: A variety of beers, margaritas, and wine. Similar selection to the Camarena Tequila Bar
Top Dog Express Section 207: Different varieties of awesome hot dogs. NY dog, Chicago dog, Georgia dog, and more!
Yicketty Yogurt & More Section 206: Self-serve yogurt and slushie stand with a variety of flavors and toppings.

Golden Moon Casino Level

All American Section 42: Classic stadium fare: burgers, brats, beers, and more.
American Crepe Section 304: Savory and sweet crepes.
Ballpark Favorites Sections 39, 316: Everything you expect to find at a ballpark.
Beverage Bar Sections 314, 43-44: Drinks!
Chick-fil-A Section 333: What you expect at a Chick-fil-A: nuggets, chicken sandwiches, etc.
Delta Sky 360 Lounge Bar Sections 330-334, 755 Delta Sky 360 Club: Members only club features a snazzy full bar.
First Base Bar Section 333: Beer, margaritas and "single mixed drinks."
Italian Market Section 318, 331: Italian Market just means pizza.
Kotobuki Sushi Sections 49-50: They have some baseball themed combos like the "Go Go Braves" which is an eel and cucumber roll with edamame. Don't forget the "Hall of Fame" which is nigiri, tuna, salmon, and shrimp.
*La Taqueria Section 319 Tacos, burritos, nachos, beer.
Mayfield Ice Cream Section 46: Ice cream, shakes, deep fried oreos, nuts, and drinks.
Pasta Bar Sections 47-48: Pastas with shrimp, chicken, or sausage.
*Smoke House BBQ Section 317: Check out the turkey leg or the brisket. They've also got pulled BBQ chicken and pork and some enticing sides like cheddar mac and smoked candied pecans.
Third Base Bar Section 316: Beer, margaritas and "single mixed drinks."
Top Dog Express Sections 51, 52: Several varieties of dogs.
Yicketty Yogurt & More Section 316: Self-serve yogurt and slushie stand with a variety of flavors and toppings.

Upper Level

All-Star Express Section 402: Basically exactly like All-Star Lineup (and several other concession stands). They've got dogs, nuts, pretzels, and other signature items.
All-Star Lineup Sections 404, 411, 417: Ditto.
Dug-Out Diner Sections 401, 420, 433: They've got a few of these bad boys floating around the stadium. Check out the veggie burger and the chili cheese fries, if you dare.
Peachtree Street Pizza Sections 407, 410: Some different slices of pizza and of course beverages.
Rita's Water Ice Sections 414, 425: More Italian ice.
Top Dog Express Section 421: Several varieties of hot dogs, like the Beanie Weenie dog or a Mexi dog.

Fan Plaza

*SweetWater Brewing Company Beer Island: Atlanta's own SweetWater will start serving several varieties of its brews this season.
Brick Oven Pizzeria: Pizza, cooked in a brick oven.
*H&F Burger: Holeman & Finch's famous burger, hand-cut fries, and Coca-Cola classic. What else do you need?
*Smoke House BBQ: One of the best options in this stadium, and it can also be found in section 317. We recommend their platter, with an entree and two sides.
*Taste of the Majors: They've got their DeKalb buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, summer dogs with cucumbers, pickled onion salsa and ancho pepper sauce, plus more dogs, sandwiches, burgers, nachos...the list goes on.

Do note that we've also added tips to the Turner Field Foursquare venue.
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