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New Life for Sweet Auburn Curb Market at 90 Years

Sweet Auburn Curb Market.
Sweet Auburn Curb Market.
Photo: ATL Intown Living

Sweet Auburn Curb Market looks pretty good for 90. Celebrating nine decades downtown this year— enduring tornadoes and freeway construction— the still-in-progress Atlanta Streetcar system will soon make a stop at the market and a spate of successful stands of late have moved on to their own freestanding establishments, earning the market "small-business incubator" status. Atlanta magazine takes a look at what's happening at the Curb Market right now.

Now with locations outside the market, places like Grindhouse Killer Burgers and Bell Street Burritos led the charge in the revitalization effort. Stepping in alongside them, a crop of diverse purveyors. Notable new entry Le Metro Creperie specializes in gluten-free crepes, both savory (ground lamb with pine nuts and raisins in a sour cream sauce) and sweet (caramelized persimmons and brandied pears). Also in the market, forthcoming Panbury's Double Crust Pies, set to start serving "British-style comfort food in the form of buttery handheld pies" later this spring, and Arepa Mia, with Venezuelan corn cakes stuffed with braised beef and slow-roasted pork with plantains.
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