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Scope Details on Ford Fry's OTP Tex-Mex Restaurant

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Empire builder of the year (and the century) Ford Fry reveals more details on his first suburban restaurant, coming this fall to Alpharetta swanky mixed-use development Avalon. Called The El Felix after Fry's childhood favorite "old-school" Tex-Mex joint, the "spirited Mexican-inspired restaurant ... hopes to capture the feel of Austin, Texas, while presenting completely authentic Tex-Mex cuisine." Stay tuned for details.

Fry recently announced official news of his forthcoming Houston, Texas, restaurant, set to open as early as the first quarter of 2015. Here in Atlanta, he has West Midtown spots JCT Kitchen and The Optimist, Buckhead's St. Cecilia and King + Duke, No. 246 in Decatur, and planned Inman Park eateries in Krog Street Market, the "Mex-Tex" Superica, and in 280 Elizabeth, a sister restaurant to The Optimist. Where will he open next? Send your educated guesses and wildest dreams through the tipline.
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