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One Star for Ration & Dram: 'No Unifying Vision'

Majestic Diner.
Majestic Diner.
Photo: Sarah Dodge

In this week's AJC, Ration & Dram, the Kirkwood spot from Holeman & Finch alum Andy Minchow receives one star:

Ration & Dram has many of the elements of successful independent establishments. You'll find a seasonal menu with locally sourced ingredients and particular emphasis on the beverage program. You'll also find the en vogue cast-iron serveware and an interior replete with wooden accents and stained concrete flooring.

Yet [...] my sixth sense found something missing — essential features that come together in the soulful way of a restaurant with a well-defined personality like Holeman & Finch.

Ration & Dram seems to lack a unifying vision, and what's left feels like a jumble of contradictions.

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