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For Chef Cornelius Gallagher, A New Frontier: The Sea

Forget what you think you know about "cruise food." Cornelius Gallagher, Director of Culinary Operations at Royal Caribbean, is busting up the clichés one gastronomic wonder at a time. Winner of Food & Wine magazine's "10 Best New Chefs in America," Gallagher applies his learnings in some of the worlds top restaurants to create the most innovative seafaring restaurant ever: Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine, on Royal Caribbean International's new game-changer, Quantum of the Seas.

In a surreal environment of smoke and mirrors, Gallagher employs modern techniques in an innovative and entertaining menu that will make guests feel they've traveled down the rabbit hole at Alice's side. Slow cooked eggs are smoked with hickory under a glass dome, vanishing foie gras noodles disappear before your eyes, and wild flower honey sweetens flash-frozen fruits. Here now, we go into his kitchen to learn about his vision for dining at sea and his detailed preparation of caviar tempura, slow cooked halibut and more.

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