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Fry Revival

eater0606_flip.jpgHere's some change you can believe in: Flip Burger Poncey-Highland is bringing back waffle fries on June 22. This development comes as a result of a petition. The fries were originally on HD1's menu, but when the gourmet hot dog joint became a gourmet burger joint, they didn't make the transition, sparking an uprising. The relaunch will coincide with the United States' World Cup game against Portugal.

"I never considered the possibility of defeat when it came to getting the waffle fries put back on the menu," said petition starter Elizabeth Bateman. "Flip Burger Boutique Poncey-Highland is going to make the relaunch of the fries a smashing success by meshing my two loves into one evening: specialty-cut, fried potatoes covered in maple-oy sauce and USA soccer." [EaterWire]