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Two Stars for Rotisserie Shop; Quality Food and Prices at Endive Publik House

Behind a paywall, Jenny Turknett of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution awards two stars to Kennesaw's Rotisserie Shop.

Located in one of the plazas skirting Town Center Mall, the Rotisserie Shop provides an uncommon independent alternative to the usual outcropping of chain restaurants hovering near the busy shopping center. The casual atmosphere paired with an approachable menu built around simple rotisserie chicken and roasted pork gives the restaurant broad appeal. Add a decent children's menu and a few craft beer options and you have the trappings of a family haunt.

Cliff Bostock of Creative Loafing dines at Drew Ihrig's Endive Publik House and discovers quality food and somewhat shockingly low prices.

How to explain these almost shockingly low prices? Ihrig admits his locally sourced menu is "underpriced" and says, not surprisingly, that much of the cost is covered by his successful catering operation. "I want to create a utopia," he says. And what could be sweeter than that?

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: Fried Chicken Lips finds "surprisingly good" pho at Pho Delight in Lillburn, is disappointed at Smokebelly, and wants to see something different at Lusca. Marie, Let's Eat enjoys beef ribs at One Star Ranch and refreshing Chinese food at Chow Bing. Hot Dish Review likes the cocktails, roasted pork, and crawfish mac and cheese at The Lawrence, and Burgers, Barbecue and Everything Else says the food at H. Harper Station is lackluster.

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