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Two Stars for The Bishop in Avondale Estates; True Food Kitchen 'Swings and Misses'

The Bishop.
The Bishop.
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Behind a paywall, Jenny Turknett of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives The Bishop two out of five stars. She enjoyed the restaurant's deviation from trendy menus of the time, but wishes for more.

So, now let's talk fried chicken. I've saved the best for last. This is not "city-slicker fried chicken." Or maybe it is, because this one is pretty slick. The Bishop gets creative here, battering and frying a Pine Street Market-smoked bird. You got that, right? Underneath the crunchy batter is a dark-and-smoky chicken. Total win.

I'd love to see more formula deviations from the Bishop. That's when it shows the most promise because this neighborhood spot is not "every trendy restaurant."

Creative Loafing's Cliff Bostock takes a first look at health food chain True Food Kitchen and comes away largely unimpressed.

Maybe the eatery, part of Lenox Square's restaurant expansion, will improve. Is it too much to expect after a month that the food should be far better? We can be grateful for the reduced inflammation of our internal organs, but the palate deserves better.

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: Hunger Pangs in Atlanta makes a wise decision by choosing to dine at Kimball House. Atlanta Restaurant blog enjoys a sampling of dishes at Goldberg's Deli in Buckhead. ATL Food Snob doesn't think the future is bright for Negril Village. Friday Date Night and Hot Dish Review aren't totally sold on La Tagliatella in Emory Point. Fried Chicken Lips isn't returning to Makan anytime soon.

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