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Midtown Boom; Condo Deathmatch; Nancy Grace House

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

MIDTOWN — The Midtown Development Review Committee has added two new mixed-use developments, an office-to-lounge conversion and a residential building to their radar. It's a development deluge! Details right here.

CITYWIDE — In this week's Real Estate Deathmatch, Curbed puts two cool condos (in Edgewood and Midtown, both costing less than $300,000) in the ring. So far, Edgewood is killing the competition.

BROOKHAVEN — Television show host Nancy Grace, that pit bull of legal commentary, has landed a buyer for her $1.5 million, colonial-style residence in Brookhaven.

LAKE CLAIRE — Could the cutest house in Lake Claire also be the cheapest (and smallest)?

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