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Menu Details for Off the Dock Seafood Stall at Krog Street Market

Look for a raw bar concept from Atlanta's "fish guys."

Krog Street Market.
Krog Street Market.

The as-of-yet unnamed Krog Street Market concept from Off the Dock Seafood's Thom Duncan and Jeff McGhee will feature a significant raw bar component, per Atlanta Magazine.

The 800-square-foot market stall will offer raw fish and shellfish, including Georgia oysters and clams, flounder, and black bass. Sandwiches, salads, and soups will be made with local ingredients. Expect Sapelo Island clam chowder and ceviches. There will be two seasonal brews on tap, plus wines.

Duncan and McGhee have established themselves as Atlanta's foremost fish providers, delivering their product from the coast to high-end restaurants across the city. In addition to offering items available for immediate consumption, the fishmongers "plan to educate and provide fantastic seafood to Inman Park," according to an earlier release. They're hoping to open for business later this fall.