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Three Taverns Brewery and Brick Store Pub Folks Discuss Georgia's Beer Laws

The Beer Jobs Bill is a hot topic among local brewers and barkeeps.

The 2015 Georgia legislative session is underway, and many in the craft brew community are pushing for passage of the Beer Jobs Bill, which would, among other things, allow patrons to purchase pints at breweries and take home beer from breweries and brewpubs. On CBS46 Wednesday night, Three Taverns Brewery owner Brian Purcell and Brick Store Pub general manager Todd DiMatteo took to the airwaves to explain why they believe changes to Georgia's beer laws are needed.

In an effort to raise funds for lobbying, some local bars are donating proceeds of sales to the cause. The Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points donated 10 percent of Monday's sales, plus 100 percent of certain kegs, to the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild, and Brick Store is planning to give $3,000.

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