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Joystick Gamebar Takes on Joey Zelinka's Junk Food for Incubation Pop-Up

Zelinka will share his ideas on comfort food at the Edgewood Avenue bar.

Joystick Gamebar.
Joystick Gamebar.

Continuing its "Kitchen Incubation Program" that started with Illegal FoodJoystick Gamebar is teaming up with chef Joey Zelinka's Junk Food concept. Zelinka will begin service as the food provider at Joystick on March 2.

Zelinka previously cooked at The Sound Table, just down Edgewood Avenue from Joystick, MAR4th and Swift, and Rathbun's. Last summer, he returned to The Sound Table to host the first rendition of his Junk Food pop-up. The project is the manifestation of his approach to cooking and something he has been working on for four years.

As the name suggests, look for guilty pleasure comfort food: Grilled cheese, chicken fingers, fish sticks, pork fried rice, blooming onions, and dishes of that nature. At Joystick, Junk Food will serve small and large plates in the $6 to $15 range.

"Everyone should be able to enjoy great ingredients and food prepared with great technique without having to pay fine dining prices," Zelinka said in a prepared Statement.

Junk Food will be available exclusively at Joystick from 5 p.m. to midnight seven days a week.

"The local economy thrives on community and diversity," Joystick Gamebar co-owner Johnny Martinez said. "That is one of the things we are trying to accomplish, and there is no more satisfying way of doing it than through delicious food."

Joystick Gamebar

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