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Off the Dock Is Off the Table at Krog Street Market

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The seafood stall from "Atlanta's fish guys" is dead in the water, but a new pizza concept may be coming.

Krog Street Market/Facebook

The Krog Street Market seafood concept from the Off the Dock team isn't going to happen, according to a tipster in the know. Owners Thom Duncan and Jeff McGhee were planning a fish market with a raw bar component.

Reasons for the decision aren't completely clear, but it appears the Off the Dock team had some internal disagreement on whether the project was a good idea. Moving forward, Krog Street Market developers still hope to bring on a fish counter in some capacity, as well as a green grocer. The two additions would compliment The Spotted Trotter butcher shop and bolster the market aspect of the development.

As for the dining options, developers want to add a pizza concept and are actively discussing the idea with some potential candidates, including Varuni Napoli's Luca Varuni and Riccardo Ullio, who owns FrittiSotto Sotto, and Escorpion.

Have intel on what's going on at Krog Street Market? Get in touch via the tipline.

Krog Street Market

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