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Waffle House Customer Smashes Glass Door Over Price Increase, Obviously

Who wants to pay 50 cents more for a biscuit?


Like any reasonable person would do, a customer at a Brookhaven Waffle House responded to increased sausage biscuit prices by kicking through the restaurant's glass door. Thirty-nine-year-old Mitchell Harris Feinberg was charged with disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal damage to property, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, all because of an increase from $1 to $1.50 for a Waffle House sausage biscuit.

Feinberg reportedly told Brookhaven police he "barely" kicked the door. A PSA recently posted to the department's Facebook page offers advise to anyone who might consider assaulting a glass door at Waffle House.

"Tip of the day: When the Waffle House employee tells you the sausage biscuit is no longer $1 and the new price is $1.50 please refrain from punching the glass door open while storming out. Glass tends to shatter when met with such force and you will be swiftly taken into custody. ‪#‎sundaymorningshenanigans‬"

Waffle House tends to inspire extreme reactions from diners and employees alike. A customer at an Albuquerque, N.M., location once threatened a waitress with a knife after he was denied a slice of pie. Last year, and employee at the outpost on Fulton Industrial Boulevard shot and killed a customer who was being "unruly."

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