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Jennifer Zyman Awards Two Stars to MF Sushi

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

MF Sushi.
MF Sushi.
MF Sushi/Facebook

Creative Loafing's Jennifer Zyman reviews the resurrected MF Sushiawarding the Inman Quarter restaurant a "good" rating of two out of five stars. Zyman says the Kinjo brothers haven't been able to recreate the magic of their previous Atlanta restaurants:

When I go to a world-class sushi restaurant, I expect the service to be streamlined and the food impeccable. Such luxuries don't come cheap. All of the nigiri choices range from $5-$10 for two pieces. Most of the special rolls and larger plates — save for premium ingredients like filet mignon and lobster — are under $20. But you have to order a lot to leave satisfied. It's easy to spend $100 per person at dinner. Between MF's unreliable service and food, it's hard to justify the price. I went to MF Sushi expecting to find an extraordinary, boundary-pushing new chapter from a pair of restaurateurs that once defined sushi excellence in Atlanta. Instead, I found the experience flawed and lacking the magic the Kinjo brand once had.

Wyatt Williams reviews Tavernpointe for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and gives Drew Van Leuvan's new restaurant a "very good" rating of two out of four stars. Williams likes what the restaurant is doing with classic dishes and its bar program:

The oysters Rockefeller were a lovely, by-the-book rendition of the traditional, buttery dish. The steak frites had a strong, garlic-heavy salsa verde to brighten it up. The spaghetti with pesto and bread crumbs was precisely al dente, simple and filling. ... As with van Leuvan's other restaurants, the bar program is a real pleasure. There are smart vintage cocktails, fun house-made sodas, an interesting wine list and good local beers. I was more than pleased by a glass of Berroia Txakolina, a dry, young Spanish white that stands up wonderfully against the richer flavors of oysters Rockefeller or smoked meat. It's a pricey glass, but worth it.

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