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Nashville-Based Sifted Wants to Make Working Lunches a Perk in Atlanta

Another meal delivery service is coming to town.


With so many startups offering various sorts of food delivery, the market must be close to being saturated. Nevertheless, another company will try to make an impact in Atlanta. Nashville-based Sifted is coming to town, and it may have something new to offer. Unlike most delivery services in the a game, it will employ an in-house chef instead of restaurant partnerships and act as a higher-end catering option for local businesses.

Sifted is looking for an executive chef in Atlanta, according to a post on Craigslist, requiring candidates to "create innovative lunch menus of healthy, energy-packed meals." The company targets the business lunch crowd, similar to UberEATS, but instead of focusing on the individual, it aims to feed larger groups. "We deliver a pop-up dining experience inside the office for your staff," according to the company's official website. "Lunches are served family style so staff can grab a plate and take a break, allowing them to connect over chef-prepared food."

The service offers weekly rotating menus with customizable options that can cover a swath of dietary restrictions and desires. A peek at this week's options in Nashville shows dishes such as Chinese chicken salad, Thai meatballs, butternut squash flatbread, and deconstructed pot pie.

It appears Sifted's goal is for businesses to see the company's lunches as perks for employees: "Our clients are some of the most innovative companies in the Southeast who use our service to treat their staff to a daily, weekly, or monthly lunch," reads the Craigslist post. "We take out all of the things that people hate about catering (low quality food, unreliable service, unappealing set-up) and replace them with chef-prepared meals, professional account managers, and the cleanest aesthetic in town, if we do say so ourselves."

There's no word yet on when Sifted will make its Atlanta debut.