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Tom Murphy Is Taking Over the Rosebud Space in Morningside

Murphy plans to open his third Atlanta restaurant.

[Photos:  <a href="">Christopher Watkins</a>, <a href="">Foursquare/Judy K.</a>]
[Photos: Christopher Watkins, Foursquare/Judy K.]

Tom Murphy, the man behind Murphy's and Paces & Vine, is the "very well-established restaurateur" who is buying Ron Eyester's Rosebud, What Now Atlanta reports. Details are scarce at the moment, but Eyester has said he believes the restaurant will open sometime between January and March 2016. The new venture won't be far from Murphy's eponymous Virginia-Highland restaurant, which is less than a mile away on North Highland Avenue.

Eyester closed Rosebud and The Family Dog last month, following the previous shutter of Timone's Pizza & Deli. At the time, he admitted he had over-extended himself with his local restaurant empire and needed to focus on Diner in Atlantic Station, which has gotten off to a rocky start since launching in March.

"We bit off more than we could chew," Eyester told Eater Atlanta. "That's just the bottom line. We grew too fast and there were a lot of other moving parts that affected things. You just get to a situation where things avalanche, and when the people around you are losing confidence in what you're doing, they can't easily subscribe to the vision they once did. It makes it impossible to keep moving forward."

While Rosebud will transform into a new concept, Eyester said he's "90 percent certain" the buyer of The Family Dog will reopen the restaurant.


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