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Atlanta's Restaurant Gurus Offer Headline Predictions for 2016

Take a peek into the crystal ball.

It's about time to wrap up our year-end survey of Atlanta's food scribes, but before we do, let's look toward the future.

What are your headline predictions for 2016?

Ligaya Figueras, Atlanta Journal-Constitution food editor: Perhaps more wish list than prediction: Meat as an accent on the plate instead of the main event. Eyes on East Cobb.

The Foodie Buddha: Ford Fry decides to open a Chinese dim sum spot, an Irish pub, and a Japanese izakaya.

Grant Goggans, Marie, Let's Eat! editor: I'd really like to read that Ron Eyester has turned Diner into something stable and successful. It's not a great restaurant, but it has a good opportunity to improve. Eyester's a talented, good fellow with a run of bad luck, and I wish him the best.

Angela Hansberger, Creative Loafing contributor: Ford Fry to be first restauranteur to expand to Cuba. Love Spreads: The Giving Kitchen expands to Charleston, Asheville. Look! Another food hall.

Evan Mah, Atlanta Magazine food editor: I can't imagine 2016 will be bigger and busier than this last year (what with Krog Street Market, Ponce City Market, and Staplehouse all coming online). It'll likely be a calm year. I'm looking forward to seeing Tom Catherall's return to the kitchen.

Beth McKibben, Eater Atlanta contributor: I believe we'll see more champagne/bubbly and wine-based cocktails on menus. Cognac for sure. Also, I think people are finally (re)discovering the after-dinner drink in amaros, port, and low ABV cocktails. Long lost classic cocktails are starting to see the light of day. As for food, my hope is seafood and vegetable-forward menus continue. Hot chicken is the new burger. The taco will remain king.

Bob Townsend, Atlanta Journal-Constitution contributor: I'm not good at predictions, but I have a feeling we'll see a lot more closings.