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Corby Kummer Awards Two Stars to Revival

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

Jonathan Phillips/Eater Atlanta

Atlanta Magazine's Corby Kummer reviews Revivalawarding Kevin Gillespie's Southern shrine a "very good" rating of two out of four stars. Kummer says the Decatur restaurant's inspiration from Southern grandmothers is evident:

Revival, in a cute clapboard house with a wide veranda in downtown Decatur, has my number. It's Kevin Gillespie's re-creation of the food he grew up eating at the table of his grandmother, whom he calls the best cook he'll ever know, and who specialized in flavor-packed abundance. ... I'm still hoping for an invitation to a Southern grandmother's Sunday supper. I'm very glad Revival is there while I wait.

Over at Creative LoafingBrad Kaplan takes a first look at Bar Margot, Ford Fry's new establishment at the Four Seasons. Kaplan finds a hotel restaurant that rises above most forms in the genre:

Bar Margot's prices are quite reasonable considering the setting, though I've noticed that most of the dishes have inched up $1 to $2 since the opening weeks, and many of the bottles of wine have gone up $10 or more. Still, sharable starters and sizable salads all hover in the low teens, while the pastas hit the mid-teens and the larger plates hit $20 and even $30 for the fish of the day. The valet parking is free with validation, though, and I'm plenty happy sipping on a thoughtful cocktail for $11 and rubbing elbows with my good friend Clint Eastwood. Maybe it's better to keep the locals out after all.

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