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Yelp/Daniel B.

Pallookaville Fine Foods, the essential purveyor of corn dogs, sandwiches, and burgers, is officially on the market. Long-bearded owner Jim Stacy has a listing with The Shumacher Group, which includes the original restaurant in Avondale Estates, the forthcoming Pallookaville Junior in Little Five Points, and the Pallookaville food truck.

Shumacher sells the merits of a buyer keeping the restaurant open — it's "a train leaving the station to endless growth opportunities." The listing notes Stacy "is moving onto another project," which likely is a reference to the coffeeshop of Hawaiian meat-and-three he's previously discussed. There's certainly no guarantee a new owner will keep Pallookaville open as is, but Stacy plans to "stay on during transition period with extensive training."

Stacy well known in the food television circles thanks to his lengthy beard, affinity for overalls, and chipper attitude, opened Pallookaville in 2013. The whole package is listed for $575,000

Update: A statement in a Facebook post from Pallookaville declares the restaurant will remain open.

We are not closing. We are looking to sell/take on an operating partner because we have so many other projects in the works it wouldn't be fair to our customers and the quality of our food and service to do otherwise. Please share this post with anyone you think may be interested.

Pallookaville Fine Foods

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