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Coca-Cola Is in the Milk Business, and the Reviews Are Mixed

Instead of Fairlife, maybe Coke should call it "New Milk."


Remember that "super milk" local soft drink giant Coca-Cola was developing? The work is done, and Fairlife is now available around the country. So, what does "innovative ultra-filtered milk" taste like? Well, the reviews are in, and they range from "creepy" to "declicious." A sample from Eater National's roundup:

The It's Creepy News: "Fairlife is a little bit creepy to drink. The texture is much more viscous and thick than regular milk, and the odor is really strong, to the point that it smells almost spoiled. It tastes OK, but has a slightly musky flavor that reminds me of shelf-stable or reconstituted milk." - Rachel Sanders, Buzzfeed

The Good News: "It was very creamy. The 2% milk felt like whole. The chocolate one was delicious!" - Meg, Mr. C & Me

Have you tried Fairlife? Is it great? Should Coca-Cola stick to sugary carbonated beverages? Let us know in the comments.

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