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Watch Bon Appétit Restaurant Editor Andrew Knowlton Work a 24-Hour Shift at Waffle House

Knowlton finds new appreciation for the chain.

Ever wonder what it might be like to work at Norcross-based Waffle House, The South's favorite greasy spoon chain, for 24 consecutive hours? Let Bon Appétit restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton show you exactly what it's like. Knowlton recently undertook the challenge at the Buckhead location at 3016 Piedmont Road NE, where he mixed waffle batter, flipped eggs, scattered hash browns, cleaned the grill, washed windows, and dealt with late-night drunks, among other duties. By the end of his shift, Knowlton was a bit delirious and sounded like he was devolving into True Detective's Rust Cohle.

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