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Pallookaville Is Adding a Take-Out Restaurant in Little Five Points

Get your corndogs to go in Little Five.

The future Pallookaville Junior space.
The future Pallookaville Junior space.

Pallookaville Fine Foods, the Avondale Estates restaurant that serves owner Jim Stacey's corndogs and more, is expanding with a take-out restaurant in Little Five Points. Pallookaville Junior is moving into a former hair salon space at 1107 Euclid Avenue.

gallery on Pallookaville's Facebook page features photos of the space's demolition, floor plans for the restaurant, and an early logo. Pallookaville told Decatur Metro, "It IS City of Atlanta. We have to do the real plans now that I have it gutted. We had no idea what was in the space because it had been built on so much over the years."

The menu will be an abbreviated version of Pallookaville's original list of offerings.

Pallookaville Fine Foods

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