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Two Stars for Dish Dive; First Look at American Food and Beverage

Your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

American Food and Beverage/Facebook

Critic Wyatt Williams reviews Dish Dive for the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionawarding the tiny Kirkwood restaurant two out of four stars. Williams says chef/owner Jeff Myers is making it work by keeping things simple:

The elegance of Dish Dive, though, largely depends on the subtle touch of Myers. He doesn't bore you with the obnoxious "how the menu works" speech, but he answers every question you have. The soundtrack is crafted like a mixtape. The interior is homey without being cloying. It makes me wish more restaurateurs would bother working their own tables.

Over at Creative Loafing, Brad Kaplan takes a first look at American Food and Beverage. Kaplan is pleasantly surprised by the new Buckhead Atlanta restaurant:

Under-promise and over-deliver: It's a business truism that basically means setting, and then dramatically exceeding, consumers' low expectations. The folks behind American Food and Beverage, a restaurant in the new Buckhead Atlanta complex, appear to be familiar with this concept. They named the place American. Food. And Beverage. (Could they have gone with anything more uninspiring?) Luckily for them, the food here makes up for the name.

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: Marie, Let's Eat! finds average pulled pork and a good turkey rib at Anna's BBQ. Atlanta Restaurant Blog enjoys the authentic New Jersey-style pie at O4W Pizza. ATL Food Snob is amazed by cheap, high-quality sushi at Sushi Huku Japanese. Eat It, Atlanta says On the Bayou is worth a try, but isn't the best taste of New Orleans in town. Crush Crave is transported to the streets of India at Chai Pani.

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