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Chef Jey Oh's Uni Shooter at Craft Izakaya

Uni and sake are a popular combination at the Krog Street Market restaurant.

Since opening last fall, Craft Izakaya has quickly become a Japanese popular destination inside Krog Street Market. While sushi and yakitori dominate the menu, there are a few twists, such as chef Jey Oh's uni shooter. It's a rush of sake, spice, and the ocean.

Oh first takes out a clean shot glass adds his liquids: sake, ponzu, and Sriracha. After he gathers a bit of salmon roe, he quickly rinses it in cold water and adds it into the glass. Oh separates a quail egg yolk from the white, adds the yolk, and then carefully layers a few pieces of uni — that's sea urchin gonads, for the uninitiated — onto the rim of the glass. To finish, he garnishes the concoction with some precision-cut green onion. Bottoms up.

Check out Oh's step-by-step process via the above gallery.

Craft Izakaya

99 Krog St NE Suite X, Atlanta, GA 30307 (470) 355-9556 Visit Website

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