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New Restaurants Are a Priority at Underground Atlanta

It sounds like that's what the potential developer wants.

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Large-scale developments with an assortment of quality food options seem to be all the rage these days. From Krog Street Market to Buckhead AtlantaAvalon to the highly anticipated Ponce City Market, planting a collection of restaurants in a relatively tight space is one of Atlanta's biggest dining trends right now. With Underground Atlanta moving toward a major redevelopment project, Downtown may be in line to see an influx of eateries.

Arthur Kepes, executive vice president and chief financial officer with Mt. Pleasant S.C.-based WRS Inc., Underground's potential developer, said during a Thursday panel discussion, that, in addition to a possible music venue, restaurants will be a priority. Per the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Kepes also said WRS Inc. would put an emphasis on attracting new restaurants.

"As you know there are not many places to eat dinner [around Underground Atlanta]," he said. "With all the government activity in the area that is a real lack. We think getting the above-ground investment, the kind of investment people can see when driving by, is what is going to change the perception."

Don't get too excited just yet. Redevelopment is a long way off — WRS Inc. still has to complete its purchase from the City of Atlanta — and the types of restaurants that might show up remain to be seen.

Have an idea of the dining scene you'd like to see at Underground Atlanta? Let us know in the comments or via the tipline.