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Get Smothered and Covered With Love at Waffle House

What's more romantic than a dinner for two at a greasy spoon?

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eater_blacksaturday.0.jpgExpensive prix fixe menus, dishes boasting the "ultimate aphrodisiacs," and bubbly wines abound on Valentine's Day (AKA Black Saturday), but what's out there for diners whose idea of a good meal involves hashbrowns? Waffle house, that's what. For the eighth straight year, the Norcross-based chain is taking Valentine's Day reservations at 140 different restaurants. The diner chain will, according to a release, "roll out white tablecloths, light truckloads of candles, and craft tailored menus to set the stage for a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day experience." Eleven Georgia locations are turning up the romance this V-Day, including seven in the Atlanta metro area.

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