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The Early Word on Kevin Ouzts's The Cockentrice

Ouzts opened his restaurant at the beginning of the year in Krog Street Market.

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The Cockentrice.
The Cockentrice.
Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

The Spotted Trotter proprietor Kevin Ouzts opened his first restaurant, The Cockentrice, on January 2 in Krog Street Market. While many Atlantans think of Ouzts for his butcher skills and charcuterie, he has a background cooking in some top kitchens, such as Restaurant Eugene and Napa Valley's The French Laundry. Here now, a look at what diners and critics have been saying since The Cockentrice, a shrine to all things meat, opened a couple of months ago.

The Best Charcuterie Around News: In his review for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, critic John Kessler says Ouzts's charcuterie chops shine: "There is no finer charcuterie board in Atlanta, a showcase for new items Ouzts doesn't yet sell at the Spotted Trotter. Of the dozen or more choices, I best love the rossa espezia, a coarse, garlicky fermented salami made with beef and pork."

The Not Just Meat News: Creative Loafing's Angela Hansberger writes in her first look, "It's fun to navigate the daily selection of seasonal veggies charred, fried, sautéed, and elevated with purees, risottos, and sauces dotted and dolloped around for an endless combination of bites to be created. It's unlike any vegetable dish in town."

The Don't Try This at Home News: Allison Gordon says on Facebook, "Rarely do I eat out and think 'I couldn't make this better at home' ... I was blown away by the quality of the food, service, menu items, and ambiance."

The Don't Plan on a Light Meal News: Elite Yelper Sophie H. says, "Everything was very good — a bit on the rich side so if with only a couple of folks — think carefully before ordering as it may result in an over abundance of richness."

The Improve the Booze News: Kessler would like to see better offerings from the bar: "There are a few decent beers on tap and wines by the glass, but this food needs a booze list with more wit and edge. I'm thinking weird sparkling wines, European pilsners, knife-edge rieslings, even a pineau d'aunis by the glass."

The Prepare Your Wallet News: Hansberger adds, "To be fair, the whole experience comes at a premium. It's easier for two cocktail-drinking, charcuterie-eating people to rack up more than $100 at The Cockentrice (pre-tip) than it is to explain what a cockentrice is without Googling it first. But if you love food, it's worth it."

The Notice the Design News: Yelp Atlanta community manager Benjamin G. says, "Be sure to take a close look around the restaurant. There are little easter eggs around the entire space and you'll have a blast discovering every little note and dash of history, art, construction, etc."


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