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More Details on the Gu's Bistro Shutter, a Possible In-Town Relocation

Fans might not have to miss the Sichuan cuisine for too long.

Gu's Bistro.
Gu's Bistro.

After abruptly shuttering their essential Buford Highway Sichuan restaurant last week, the family behind Gu's Bistro is making plans for the future. In addition to opening Gu's Dumplings inside Krog Street Market, Yvonne Gu Khan told Atlanta Magazine that an in-town reboot for Gu's Bistro is in the works, possibly opening as early as summer.

If and when the new restaurant does open its doors, diners can expect a smaller menu to relieve some of the burden from chef Yiquan Gu, Khan's father, who runs the kitchen. As for why the original bistro closed, it reportedly wasn't because of the forthcoming Krog Street Market stall, but instead because of lengthy wait times and an overworked kitchen that wasn't large enough to meet such high demand.