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23 Arrested at an Alpharetta Restaurant for Gambling on the NCAA Tournament

Police raided Pepperoni's Tavern Monday night.

Pepperoni's Tavern/Facebook

For those who plan to bet on the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, which tips off Tuesday night, look out for the long arm of the law. More than 20 people were arrested Monday night at Alpharetta Italian restaurant/bar Pepperoni's Tavern after police learned of a "large gambling event," reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The surprise raid resulted in 65 people detained and 23 arrests for illegal gambling.

"Tonight, authorities moved against the gambling operation and detained approximately 65 people," Alpharetta police spokesman George Gordon told the AJC. Gordon said police found "a large gambling operation in progress based upon the NCAA basketball tournament."

Considering the bust, Pepperoni's Tavern might want to update the cover photo on its Facebook page.