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Paul Calvert Is Parting Ways With Victory Brands

Calvert and the team behind Paper Plane and Victory Sandwich Bar are separating on friendly terms.

Paul Calvert.
Paul Calvert.
Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

Paul Calvert is stepping down from his role as beverage director at Victory Brands and partner at Decatur's Paper Plane. Calvert said in an email to Eater Atlanta that "the separation is friendly, beneficial to all parties involved, and exciting for everyone."

"I am excited for the growth of my friends' company, and I am very proud of all the managers and staff who came up under me while I was fortunate to work with them," Calvert said. "The crew at Victory Brands will continue to do great things. As for me, I plan to run, garden, read, and generally be a lay-about."

Calvert didn't offer specifics on what his longterm plans might be, but in the near future he plans to collaborate on Little Trouble, Victory Brands's forthcoming Westside cocktail lounge, and he is working with Decatur brewery Wild Heaven on a specialty beer that will launch at Victory Sandwich Bar on April 9.

Victory Brands hopes to open Little Trouble and an Inman Park outpost for Victory Sandwich Bar soon. Paper Plane will host a going-away party for Calvert on Thursday, April 2.

Paper Plane party

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