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Opening Alert: Chef Joey Zelinka's Junk Food Is Now Serving at Joystick Gamebar

It's junk food, taken to a higher level.

Foursquare/John L.

Taking over the kitchen at Joystick Gamebar, chef Joey Zelinka's Junk Food began service Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. Zelinka is the latest participant in Joystick's "kitchen incubation program," where chefs come in to work on a concept with the hopes of eventually opening their own restaurants. It's what Illegal Food did, making a name for itself at Joystick before launching a full-service eatery in Virginia-Highland.

Zelinka is no stranger to Edgewood Avenue, having cooked at The Sound Table and then temporarily running his Junk Food pop-up to the venue last summer. As the name suggests, Zelinka takes the idea of classic junk/comfort foods and elevates the flavors and techniques. He's starting with a limited menu and plans to expand the options in April. Junk Food is available inside Joystick daily from 5 p.m. to midnight. See the complete opening menu below.

Junk Food opening menu

Joystick Gamebar

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