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Poll: Which Atlanta-Based Burger Chain Is Best?

These three are strong contenders.

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We've already discussed which burger chains are most desirable for Atlanta. Now it's time to pick the best Atlanta export. The three options below know their way around a good burger, but which is the best? Vote in our poll and give your reasoning in the comments below.

Farm Burger

Locations: Buckhead; Decatur; Dunwoody; Asheville, N.C.; Berkeley, Calif.

Why it's good: Farm Burger uses 100 percent grass-fed beef, and diners are allowed to build their own burgers with a plethora of fresh toppings such as vine-ripened tomato, arugula, cured lard, fried farm egg, roasted bone marrow, and Decimal Place Farm goat cheese. There aren't many places that combine fast food with farm to table, but Farm Burger gets it done.

Flip Burger

Locations: Buckhead; Poncey-Highland; Westside; Birmingham, Ala.; Nashville

Why it's good: From the mind of Atlanta expat and Top Chef lifer Richard Blais, FLIP Burger isn't afraid to get creative with its concoctions. New versions are often popping up on the menu, and regularly available burgers include the Southern (chicken-fried beef patty, pimento cheese, bread-and-butter pickles, Coca-Cola ketchup), Chorizo (chorizo-spiced pork, hashbrowns, fried egg, manchego, spanish paprika, almond romesco, smoked mayo), and Raw Steak Tartare (beef tenderloin, capers, fried egg, cornichons, frisee, pickled shallots, smoked mayo), just to name a few.

Ted's Montana Grill

Locations: 13 Atlanta-area; 33 throughout Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Colorado, and Montana

Why it's good: The first Ted's actually opened in Columbus, Ohio, but since it's the creation of local icon Ted Turner and headquartered in Atlanta, we're claiming it. Ted's is a behemoth compared to the previously mentioned chains, but it doesn't act like an evil burger corporation. Ted's tries to be environmentally friendly, and its bison are sustainably ranch raised. Yes, it offers a lot more than just burgers, but they're the highlight of the menu. Available with ground Certified Angus Beef or bison, standard toppings on the various options include Gruyere cheese, spicy tomato jam, grilled ham, and bison chili.