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West End Deal; Grant Park Enchantment; Waterworks Park

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

WEST END — This 1917 bungalow in West End (above) has been handsomely renovated. The asking price is a relatively cheap $204,999, but not everyone's sold. Details, discussion right here.

'BURBSThis somewhat hilarious study recommends moving to a few of metro Atlanta's most obscure suburbs, because they're just like the city, only cheaper.

GRANT PARK — Cinematographer Vanessa Vadim (daughter of Jane Fonda) is going the For Sale By Owner route with her $800,000 Grant Park abode. The best part? You can eat the backyard.

WESTSIDE — The movement to open "Atlanta Waterworks Park" along Howell Mill Road is still forging ahead, but things are starting to get complicated.