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Varuni Napoli Is Cleaning Up Water Damage After a False-Alarm Fire Scare

The Atlanta Fire Department's hoses caused the damage.

The ovens at Varuni Napoli.
The ovens at Varuni Napoli.
Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

Morningside pizzeria Varuni Napoli is temporarily closed while it recovers from water damage. The damage is the result of a false alarm called in to the Atlanta Fire Department, according to a press release from the restaurant.

"On the morning of Sunday, April 26, a bystander passing by Varuni Napoli noticed smoke coming from the restaurant and alerted the Atlanta Fire Department," the release reads. "Though there was no fire, the fast-acting authorities entered the restaurant to address the smoke with water.

"When the pizza ovens, which burn at 900 degrees, are started they emit smoke throughout the restaurant during the heating process which takes place on a daily basis. While there was no fire, Varuni Napoli is grateful for rapid response of the Atlanta Fire Department to the call."

Owner Luca Varuni said his restaurant will remain closed for "the next few days" and will be back in business "very soon."

Varuni Napoli

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