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Where to Eat and Drink at Turner Field, Home of the Atlanta Braves

Plenty of local favorites are available during Braves games

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The Atlanta Braves have a new ballpark on the horizon, which will draw cuisine from some of the biggest chefs around town. But before hitting the road for Cobb County the Braves play one last season south of Downtown at Turner Field. Like any proper baseball venue, hot dogs and beer are abundant, but The Ted has a few local touches in the concessions department as well. Here, now, the best options for grabbing a bite or drink during a Braves game.

Best Bets at Turner Field

The Braves Chop House

Turner Field/Official

The Braves Chop House

With indoor dining for an actual restaurant feel, plus a popular patio that overlooks the outfield, the Chop House is one of Turner Field's fan favorites. The menu features classic ballpark fare such as burgers, hot dogs, and nachos, and this year one of the Braves' new over-the-top dishes — The T.E.D. — will make an appearance too. And yes, there's plenty of booze. Look for beer on draft and in bottles, cocktails, wine, and rocks or frozen "Tomaritas." Sections 143-149.

H&F Burger

With another H&F Burger outpost open at Ponce City Market and its inclusion on the regular menu at Holeman & Finch Public House, the famous burger from Linton Hopkins isn't as hard to come by as it used to be. But, it's still just as tasty. There are H&F Burger stands down at field level to satisfy fans' double-stack cravings. Sections 104, 150, 151.

Kevin Rathbun Steak

Care for something a little more upscale while watching the Bravos? Local restaurateur/red meat expert Kevin Rathbun offers a sliced sirloin sandwich with horseradish cream for $15. Section 205.

Waffle House

The South's finest greasy spoon chain is back to serve comfort cuisine at Turner Field. The waffles come with peanut butter or chocolate chips, and if the Braves' retooled roster is getting battered on any particular night, fans can take solace in the scattered, smothered, and covered hash browns. Section 128.

Taste of the Majors

The Braves and concessions partner Delaware North recently announced some new dishes that would make Guy Fieri blush, and Taste of the Majors is where to find them. Look for:

  • The T.E.D — a footlong hotdog layered with fries, chili, nacho chips, beer cheese, and jalapeños; topped with popcorn; and drizzled with Coca-Cola-infused BBQ sauce.
  • The Punisher — country-fried smoked rib meat slathered in a Monster energy drink-infused BBQ sauce, topped with a beer-battered onion ring and "slawsa," stuffed in between a toasted and buttered Hawaiian bun, and pinned in place with two slices of candied bacon.
  • Burgerizza — a 20 ounce beef patty, topped with five slices of cheddar cheese and bacon, and served between two eight-inch Freschetta pepperoni pizzas.
  • The Tater Tot Chop — a layer of tater tots pressed in a waffle iron; loaded with bacon, melted cheese, and jalapeños; topped with a second tater tot waffle, and served with Coca-Cola-infused ketchup.

For anyone faint of heart, all of this is complemented by more traditional ballpark fare. Fan plaza.

Section-by-Section Dining guide

Turner Field dining guide

H&F Burger/Eat It, Atlanta; Kevin Rathbun Steak/Yelp; SweetWater Beer Shack/Official; Waffle House/MLB

Field Level

  • All-Star Lineup: Section 101, 117, 135, 140
  • Batter Up: Section 129
  • The Braves Chop House: Section 143-149
  • Braves Brick Oven Pizzeria: Fan plaza
  • Chick-fil-A: Section 112, 139
  • Dippin' Dots: Section 117, 120, Fan plaza
  • Gluten-Free/Vegetarian: Section 102
  • H&F Burger: Section 104, 150, 151
  • King of Pops: Section 105
  • Mayfield Ice Cream: Section 104, 106, 115, 129, 145
  • Pizza: Section 121, 122, Fan plaza
  • Smoke House BBQ: Fan plaza
  • SweetWater Beer Shack: Fan plaza
  • Taste of the Majors: Fan plaza
  • Tots & Fries: Section 102
  • Waffle House: Section 128

Terrace Level

  • All-Star Lineup: Section 201, 217, 239
  • Chick-fil-A: Section 202, 228
  • Dippin' Dots: Section 216, 221
  • Dug-Out Diner: Section 216, 229
  • Kevin Rathbun Steak: Section 205
  • Mayfield Ice Cream: Section 204, 227, 230
  • New Amsterdam Vodka Bar: Section 222
  • Nacho Cart: Section 202
  • Pizza: Section 225, 226
  • Specialty Hot Dog Stand: Section 207
  • Tomahawk Tavern: Section 235

Club Level

  • Ballpark Favorites: Section 307, 314
  • Chick-fil-A: Section 333
  • La Taqueria: Section 321
  • Pizza: Section 318, 329
  • Smoke House BBQ: Section 315

Upper Level

  • All-Star Lineup: Section 404, 411, 419
  • Batter Up: Section 403
  • Combo's: Section 402
  • Dippin' Dots: Section 411, 412, 425
  • Dug-Out Diner: Section 420, 433
  • Mayfield Ice Cream: Section 413, 414
  • Nachos: Section 412
  • Pizza: Section 409, 410
  • Specialty Hot Dog Stand: Section 421

Before and After the Game

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