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Ford Fry, Red Hare Brewing Team Up for 'Hoptimistic Hare'

The local empire builder is getting in on the craft beer game.

Ford Fry.
Ford Fry.
Emily Schultz

There's never a still moment for local restaurateur Ford Fry, and now the man behind JCT. Kitchen, St. Cecilia, The Optimist, and more has his own beer. Fry has teamed up with Red Hare Brewing to create "Hoptimistic Hare."

"It's made with lighter hops, so it's easy to drink with a good level of bitterness," The Optimist beverage manager Eduardo Guzman said in a prepared statement. "We're also garnishing the beer with a grapefruit peel to add to those grapefruit notes and aromas, without modifying the base of the beer. For The Optimist, we wanted something easy to drink with a lot of flavor, like if you were at the beach, the lake, or at the pool during spring or summer days."

Hoptimistic Hare is a session IPA, dry-hopped with Citra. The beer is available for $6 at The Optimistno. 246King + DukeThe El Felix, and Superica, as well as the tasting room at Red Hare.