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Two Stars for The Spence; One Star for Bezoria

Your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

The Spence/Facebook

Behind a paywall at the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionJohn Kessler awards The Spence a "very good" rating of two out of four stars. Kessler says the restaurant is headed in the right direction under new executive chef Wesley True:

I think I can safely say that the Spence has foundered since [Richard] Blais cut ties and moved to California. It pitched itself as a neighborhood eatery, but the edgy design and modernist menu suggested more of an auteur's playground. Wesley True might be the right chef to lure curious diners back.

Wyatt Williams reviews Bezoria for the AJCand he gives the Midtown restaurant one of four stars. Williams calls the concept "Chipotle, but with hummus":

The chicken shawarma, seasoned just enough with classic allspice and pepper, is the best of the meat options. The steak shawarma is fine, but not worth the extra dollar. The chicken kefta, a ground chicken and vegetable patty blend, reminds me of my worst experiences with veggie burgers and should be avoided at all costs. Nothing beats the falafel, though, which is just herby and greasy enough. ... Of course, you can't forget the hummus. That's the stuff that makes Bezoria distinct. It comes in two styles, both thick and rich with flavor. The original is heavy on the garlic, while the "zesty hummus" has something of a peppery kick without actually being spicy.

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