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Caffe Gio Gets a Name Change, New Desserts

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Caffe Gio will be known as Caffe Antico.

Ferrara's Ernest Lepore [left] and Antico's Giovanni Di Palma.
Ferrara's Ernest Lepore [left] and Antico's Giovanni Di Palma.
Chris Berry/Ben Rose Photography

Caffe Antico, Giovanni Di Palma's Westside cafe that was previously known as Caffe Gio, is teaming up with New York City's Ferrara Bakery. Ferrara, which opened in NYC's Little Italy in 1892, will supply Caffe Antico with a selection of pastries and gelato. Among the desserts are cannoli, lobster tails in Bavarian cream, and gelato flavors such as strawberry and tiramisu.

As for the change from Caffe Gio to Caffe Antico, which will take effect at the Westside and Avalon locations, Di Palma said it was to help avoid confusion.

"The tremendous popularity of Gio's Chicken has some of our Avalon patrons understandably confused — they come into Caffe Gio expecting our famous lemon chicken, but it's only available at Caffe Gio's in Little Italia," Di Palma said. "It simply seemed less confusing to change the name to Caffe Antico."

The Westside Caffe Antico outpost will soon move into the Di Palma's Bottega Luisa building at 1077 Hemphill Avenue.