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Landmark Diner Refuses to Voluntarily Close After Failed Health Inspections

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The Buckhead restaurant has failed three out of its last five inspections.

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Buckhead's Landmark Diner was issued citations in court when it refused to voluntarily close after a few recent failed health inspections. The Fulton County Department of Health made the request of the restaurant, reports WSB-TV, following a health inspection that resulted in a 44 rating, which came one week after Landmark Diner scored a 52.

Among the troubling reasons for the abysmal scores: flying insects throughout the restaurant, improperly stored raw meat, filthy ice machines, and expired food items. Founder Tom Lambrou discussed the inspections with WSB-TV, though he seems to have a bit of a disconnect with the health department.

"Sometimes the rush of the business, we're open 24 hours. We're very successful. Sometimes we fail," Lambrou said. "We are clean. Feel very comfortable and it's routine."

The bare minimum to pass a health inspection is a 70 rating, much higher than Landmark Diner's scores of 52 and 44. The restaurant closed for eight hours on Monday for "maintenance."

Some local restaurants have taken issue with their inspections, claiming they've been severely punished due to technicalities. When that happens, the eateries in question typically receive re-inspections within a few days and pass easily.

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