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The 11 Essential Atlanta Food Trucks

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Atlanta's mobile dining scene covers everything from breakfast fare to frozen desserts.

Atlanta Street Food Festival/Facebook

Despite some thinking that the food truck trend might be in decline, Atlanta's mobile kitchens are thriving. Plenty of trucks make their way around town every day, and just about any summertime festival will feature at least a handful of the restaurants on wheels. Below, see 11 of the city's best, and if you happen to catch one of them on the side of the road, be sure to pull over to grab a bite. While some of these options have expanded with brick-and-mortar locations, they all got their start by taking it to the street.

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The Atlanta Burger Truck

The Atlanta Burger Truck

[The Atlanta Burger Truck/Facebook]

This truck serves up burgers made with Brasstown Beef, along with veggie and turkey burger options, to go with sides like green apple slaw and pulled pork and beans. Each burger's name is synonymous with an Atlanta neighborhood, such as the Little 5 (half-pound patty with pimento cheese, applewood smoked bacon) and the Castleberry Hill (third-pound patty with/ Maytag blue cheese, balsamic pear compote, caramelized onions).

The Blaxican

The Blaxican food truck

[The Blaxican/Facebook]

The Blaxican takes Southern soul food and mashes it up with Mexican cuisine. The result: Dishes that are even more comforting than the sum of their parts. Tacos include Buffalo chicken and smoked kielbasa with barbecue rub, and the truck also offers Philly nachos, collard greens quesadillas, and "Mexi mac and cheese."

The Breakfast Jeanie

The Breakfast Jeanie food truck

[The Breakfast Jeanie/Facebook]

A relative newcomer to Atlanta's food truck scene, The Breakfast Jeanie is unique in that it takes on the morning meal. The truck serves up an assortment of breakfast bowls, with grits or hash browns as a base, as well as biscuit and waffle "puffs," which can be stuffed with bacon or sausage.

The Fry Guy

The Fry Guy food truck

[The Fry Guy/Facebook]

As one might imagine, this food truck focuses on an assortment of loaded french fries, served in cones. With toppings such as bacon, parmesan, white truffle oil, Thai peanut sauce, and chicken-thyme gravy, the truck's fries are commonly named as the best in Atlanta.

Good Food Truck

Good Food Truck

[Good Food Truck/Facebook]

Good Food Truck has a number of creative menu items, but the most popular option has to be the Poodle. That's an all-beef hot dog on a French toast bun, topped with apple-maple slaw. The savory waffle cones, stuffed with ingredients such as samosa potato salad, curried vegetables, and Jamaican jerk sweet potato salad, are a hit, too.


Grilldabeast food truck


Grilldabeast shares a bit of a take on bar food — without the bar. Appetizers include fries topped with bacon, queso sauce, and green onion and panko-crusted fried avocado. Smoke-fried wings, gyros, and chicken shawarma are available as entrees.

King of Pops

King of Pops food truck King of Pops

[King of Pops/Facebook]

King of Pops has carts all over town — and around the Southeast — but the purveyor of frozen treats has a truck in its arsenal, as well. Its popsicles, in flavors such as cereal milk, herbs de provence lemonade, and banana puddin', might be the first thing Atlantans think of when they're imagining summertime refreshment.

Mix'd Up

Mix'd Up food truck (use)

[Mix'd Up/Facebook]

A self-described "Hard Rock Cafe on wheels," Mix'd Up takes global inspiration to serve a variety of burgers. Options include the El Sombrero (blended chorizo-Angus burger, cheese, pico de gallo, avocado Puree), Rockin' Hero Bite (lamb burger, tzatziki, lettuce, tomatoes, feta), and Santa Fe (gluten-free black bean burger, cheese, ancho mayo, avocado puree).

Urban Taali

Urban Taali food truck

[Urban Taali/Facebook]

Urban Taali serves halal dishes that take inspiration from a variety of food cultures. The menu features gyro wraps and plates, steak and chicken sandwiches, quesadillas, hot dogs, and nachos.

WOW! Food Truck

WOW Food Truck

[WOW! Food Truck/Facebook]

WOW — that's an acronym for "Wonderlicious on Wheels" — serves up arepas (Venezuelan sandwiches) and several bowls with roasted chicken, brisket, or pork. The creamy cilantro-jalapeno "Kicky" sauce is what sets off many of the dishes.


Yumbii food truck


Yumbii specializes in melding Asian and Mexican flavors, with dishes like stir-fried tofu tacos and Sriracha cheese dip. The truck offers tacos, quesadillas, and burritos with the aforementioned tofu, Asian rib-eye beef, spicy pulled pork, or chicken, and its sliders feature pulled pork topped with kimchi.