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Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay Launches Today in Atlanta

Starbucks wants you to get in and out.


Starbucks has mostly perfected the mass-market coffeeshop experience, but the company isn't content. Today, Mobile Order & Pay launches in 3,400 shops across the country, including Atlanta outposts. The service is integrated into the Starbucks app for iOS, and Starbucks says an Android app is coming soon.

Mobile Order & Pay is pretty straight forward. It allows users to place their orders and pay ahead of time, without waiting in line. The app then gives an estimated time for when the beverage will be ready. Users can browse the Starbucks menu or make a selection from previous orders.

Mobile Order & Pay was initially available only at Starbucks locations in the Pacific Northwest. The expansion takes the service to more than half of the company's shops in the United States.