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Marlow's Tavern Among America's Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chains

The rankings come from "Restaurant Business."

Marlow's Tavern Avalon.
Marlow's Tavern Avalon.
Brandon Amato

Atlanta-based Marlow's Tavern is one of the 50 fastest-growing restaurant chains in America for 2015, according to Restaurant Business magazine. The local chain ranks 31st on the list, which ranks companies by the percentage change in their system-wide sales. Marlow's Tavern has raked in $48.5 million, up 18.3 percent from last year.

Marlow's operates 14 locations in the Atlanta area, plus another three outposts in Orlando, Fla. Each individual restaurant averaged 3.5 million in sales over the last year. American Deli, based out of Riverdale and with more than 100 locations around the Southeast, came in at No. 39.