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Preview Westside's Little Trouble This Month at Paper Plane

The new bar plans to open soon in Westside.

Paper Plane
Paper Plane
Sarah Dodge

Now that Victory Sandwich Bar's Inman Park outpost is open, the Victory Brands folks are focusing on their next project: Little Trouble in Westside. Paper Plane, the team's mid-century modern cocktail bar behind the Decatur Victory location, is hosting a Little Trouble preview throughout the month of June.

The Little Trouble pop-up menu will run Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. this month, featuring ramen, "meats on sticks," steam buns, and dumplings, among other dishes.

Little Trouble will open in Westside Provisions District, below the former Abattoir/future Marcel space. Earlier this year, Paul Calvert, who recently announced his departure from Victory Brands but is still consulting on the Westside bar, said it's a unique project for the neighborhood.

"There's nothing like that over there," Calvert said. "There's dinner, college bars, dive bars, but where's the place for people who want to stay out and get a nice drink?"

Victory Sandwich Bar Inman Park

913 Bernina Ave NE, Atlanta, GA (404) 709-2892

Paper Plane

340 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030