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Wyatt Williams Gives Diner Zero Stars

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

Ron Eyester's Diner.
Ron Eyester's Diner.
Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Wyatt Williams reviews Diner, Ron Eyester's Atlantic Station restaurant, and doesn't come away pleased. Williams gives Eyester's nod to the classic American concept zero out of four stars:

Hypothetically, if you got sufficiently sloshed, wandered in the front door of Diner, and mumbled out an order for a platter of disco fries and spicy fried chicken and grits, you might be pleased. You probably wouldn't notice that the brown gravy is too salty and that the melted mozzarella, while generous, has a plastic quality that keeps it from sticking to the fries. You might even like the ludicrous dousing of slightly spicy butter sauce that covers the fried chicken. You'd be lighter in the pocketbook, but somewhat sobered by the grease.

Me? I'd rather just go to Waffle House.

Over at Creative Loafing, Brad Kaplan takes a first look at the resurrected MF SushiKaplan says Chris and Alex Kinjo still know what they're doing:

MF Sushi delivers near perfection on the plate (the overly sweet and sticky apricot sauce dousing our yuzu milk chocolate mousse dessert, notwithstanding). Like its peers Tomo and Umi, MF successfully and skillfully delivers plates of pristine purity alongside dishes of exuberant overload. I just hope the Kinjo brothers can find a way to make sure the entire experience measures up to the elegant setting and stellar nigiri.

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: Atlanta Restaurant Blog disagrees with Williams and says Diner is a must-try. Fried Chicken Lips thinks Buckhead Diner is essentially an overpriced Applebee's. Hot Dish Review is pleased with the small plates at Saltyard. Eat It, Atlanta is a fan of Caribbean Chicken & Fish and Quickly. Hunger Pangs in Atlanta plans on returning to The Butcher The Baker. Crush Crave isn't impressed with the dinner menu, but likes the drinks, dessert, and patio at Cooks & Soldiers. Bella Vivere highly recommends the sweets at Georgetown Cupcakes.