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Ligaya Figueras Is IN as Food and Dining Editor at the 'AJC'

Figueras replaces longtime 'AJC' critic John Kessler.

With John Kessler moving on to Chicago, it appears that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has tabbed a replacement for the veteran dining critic. Ligaya Figueras will join the newspaper next month, moving on from her position as executive editor of Sauce Magazine in St. Louis. Figueras appears to be taking the new position of "food and dining editor," and if her Twitter account and farewell post at Sauce are any indication, it appears she will forgo anonymity.

During his 18-year tenure at the AJC, Kessler held the role of restaurant critic and kept the traditional critic's anonymity. Figueras' job as food and dining editor will cover more ground and sounds a little more modern, considering the current food media landscape on the Internet. She'll be tasked with writing "weekly content that might include a mix of critical reviews, food/dining news, blog posts, columns, or enterprise," according to a classifieds posting.