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A New Ramen Pop-Up Is Heading to Ration & Dram

It's from Lusca executive sous chef Andy Tran.

Ration & Dram.
Ration & Dram.
Via Blue Hominy PR

Atlanta is about to have another weekly pop-up that specializes in ramen. Lusca executive sous chef Andy Tran is launching Ramen Crush A.T.L., which will set up shop Thursday nights at Ration & Dram in Edgewood. The inaugural night of service is set for September 3.

Each Thursday, Tran will take over the Ration & Dram kitchen from 6 p.m. until the food runs out. The menu will top out at  $12 and feature two ramen bowls — one of which will be vegetarian — plus a selection of small plates. Ration & Dram's charcuterie board will also be available until midnight. In addition to the restaurant's regular bar offerings, there will be Amaro specials and a special cocktail menu designed to pair with the ramen.

Ration and Dram

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