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R-Town Visual Journey; Midtown Build; O4W Apartments

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Rtown Lane.
Rtown Lane.
Jonathan Phillips/Curbed Atlanta

REYNOLDSTOWN — Reynoldstown, the reigning Curbed Cup champion, shows few signs of slowing down as the second half of 2015 unfolds. So it's high time to have a look at the three most transformative residential projects under way at the moment, to see where they stand, from a visual standpoint. Thirty-eight lovely photos right this way.

MIDTOWNHere's a closer look at a behind-schedule project in the heart of Midtown that some feel wasn't the best use of such key real estate in the first place.

OLD FOURTH WARDThis 245-apartment project called "Anthem on Ansley" broke ground this week. Developers say it will bring a restaurant and coffee shop to the lip of Historic Fourth Ward Park.