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Revival, Friday at 5 p.m.

Welcome back to Eater Scenes, in which Eater photographers visit local establishments to capture them at a certain, specific point in time. Today, a Friday night dinner at Revival, Kevin Gillespie's new Southern eatery in Decatur.

At Revival, Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie is getting back to his roots. Gillespie trades in the high-flying cuisine and atmosphere of Gunshow for dishes that are inspired by his Southern grandmother's cooking, hoping to remind diners of their own Southern grandmothers. The menu includes regional staples such as fried chicken, country-fried steak, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread that's receiving early rave reviews, while the space feels more like home than a restaurant. The concept appears to be a hit, and the restaurant is filling up on a regular basis.

Here now, a look inside Friday night dinner at Gillespie's shrine to traditional Southern dining.


129 Church Street, , GA 30030 (470) 225-6770 Visit Website