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Javier Viera Is In as Executive Chef at Cotton Calf Kitchen in Braselton

The restaurant should open next month.

Javier Viera.
Javier Viera.
Via Melissa Libby & Associates

Javier Viera is moving on from his post as executive chef at Communitas Hospitality (10th & PiedmontG's MidtownHOBNOB) to help open a restaurant in Braselton. Viera will run the kitchen at Cotton Calf Kitchen, which is on track to open in early September.

The partners behind Cotton Calf Kitchen call the restaurant a "classic American steakhouse." In a prepared statement, partner/GM Hudson Tang said of Viera, "Not only do we benefit from his experience and unique vision for our signature steak menu, but we also have an opportunity to showcase his small plates and tapas artistry for our bar and lounge menu."

Cotton Calf Kitchen will open at 9924 Davis Street in Braselton.